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Recent Census data shows that South Carolina has had a 10% increase in population growth.  Greenville and Spartanburg continue to grow and spread out, including areas like Lyman.  While all this growth provides the park's guests with jobs and shopping conveniences, sometimes you just yearn for some time in nature.  


Whispering Winds sits in the middle of 8 acres.  As we have recently expanded to include 6 more sites, we wanted to open up the woods so that our guests could experience that "get away" feeling whenever they wanted to. 

Listen to the creek sounds or enjoy the views as you stroll.  Bring your leashed furry friends too!  Most of the trail is a Wi-FI free zone.


Occasionally, we get a guest who shows up with no reservation...

Our female peacock only stayed one night, but we sure did enjoy her!

Luke 12:24

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